Introduction & Sample Conversation
Basic Use
Starting And Closing Ultra Hal
Chatting With Hal
Making Hal Keep Appointments
Making Hal Keep A Phone Book
Making Hal Dial Phone Numbers
Making Hal Remember And Write Email
Making Hal Remember Things (Like Addresses)
Making Hal Run Programs
Making Hal Give Help With A Program
Using Hal's Natural Language Calculator
Have Hal Help You Browse The Internet
Advanced Use
Setting Hal's Options
Choosing A Different Animated Character For Hal
Choosing A Different Voice For Hal
Choosing A Different Personality For Hal
Choosing A Different Skin For Hal
Editing Appointments Manually
Setting User-Defined Events
Editing Your Phone Book
Changing And Creating Users
Viewing And Saving Conversations
Using Hal Pad To Speak Documents Out Loud
Using Hal Pad For Dictation
Tips For Teaching Hal
Lexical Dictionary
Ultra Hal AIM Bot
Voice Recognition / Speech Synthesis
How To Use Voice Recognition With Hal
Changing Hal's Voice