Ultra Hal Aim Bot
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Using The Ultra Hal AIM Bot

You can use the Ultra Hal AIM Bot so that you or other people can have an active Instant Messenger session with Hal while your computer is connected to the Internet. You can start the AIM Bot by selecting the "AIM Bot..." selection from Hal's menu, but you will need to set things up the very first time you are ready to use it. After things are set up then you will only need to click on the AIM Bot selection  from the Hal menu and it will connect to the Internet and then sign into it's own AIM account. You just need to select which Brain to use and then enter a Screen Name and Password and then the AIM Bot will be ready to use after it signs into it's own unique AIM account.


Setting Up The Ultra Hal AIM Bot

The first thing that you need to do is confirm that you have the free AOL Instant Messenger software installed on your computer, also known as AIM. AIM Bot screen names need to be registered with the free AIM service which is different from having a paid AOL ISP account. If you already have AOL ISP software you still may need to register your AOL screen name with the free AIM service. Whether you have an AOL ISP account or not the best thing to do is try using the free AIM software to get things working for your AIM Bot. You do not need to have an AOL ISP account to use the AIM Bot or the free AIM software program. The only thing that you need is to have your AIM screen name registered with the AIM free service which is totally different from the AOL ISP service. They are two totally different things and you need to have things set up to work for the free AIM service and not the paid AOL ISP service.  So if your computer already has the free AIM program then you just need to create a new user account for your Hal with it's own unique screen name or you can just use your own screen name if you already have one that is registered with the free AIM service. If your computer does not have the free AIM program then you need to go to the AIM web site and then download and install the free AIM software. After the AIM software is installed you then need to create a user account for Hal. After the user account is created you just need to use the new screen name for Hal to have the AIM Bot sign into the account.

Hal AIM Bot Options

If to click on the "Options" selection you will get the following window:


You can adjust each setting to whatever you want but it's recommended that you only adjust one setting at a time until you become more familiar with what each setting actually does. You can also monitor how changing each setting effects the way the AIM Bot operates and then continue to readjust the settings to the way you like the most.