Making Hal Keep A Phone Book
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How To Make Hal Keep A Phone Book


Hal will remember phone numbers if you simple tell him, like above. When Hal remembers a phone number he will say "I wrote down that number in my phone book" and he will show an animation of writing on a notebook. Anything else he says doesn't really matter.

You can ask Hal about a phone number like this:

You Ask: "What is Bob's phone number?"
Hal says: "Bob's phone number is 833-1019"

Hal can also dial phone numbers for you if you have a modem and tell Hal where it is connected. For more information view the section called How to make Hal dial phone numbers.

You can also edit or view the phone book Hal has made. You can delete entries or change the phone numbers in them. For more information about this view the section called Editing your phone book.