Making Hal Keep Appointments
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How To Make Hal Keep Appointments

Simply tell Hal about a date and he will remember it. Hal will confirm the appointment date by repeating it back to you and then he will also say "I'll Remind you when this time is near".


In order for Hal to write down an appointment Hal needs to find an event, a date, and a specific time (optional). In this case the event was "meeting", the date was "tomorrow", and the time was "at noon"

A date can be written to Hal in any form. Let's say today is March 15, 2005 and that you have a doctor's appointment on March 22, 2005 at 1:20 pm. Here is a list of some of the possible combinations that Hal will understand:

"doctor's appointment 3-22 at 1:20 pm"
"doctor's appointment 3/22/2005 at 13:20"
"doctor's appointment March 22 at 1:20"
"doctor's appointment on March Twenty Second at 1:20"
"I have a doctor's appointment in one week at 1:20"
"I have a doctor's appointment in seven days at 1:20"
"doctor's appointment next tuesday at 1:20"

If you don't say to Hal either AM or PM Hal will assume PM if the hour is between 1 and 7 because most people are sleeping then. But if you really do have an important date at 2:00 in the morning make sure you say AM. Hal expects time to be given in the AM/PM format, but if you give an hour greater then 12:00, such as 15:00 Hal will automatically convert that to 3:00 pm. If you write a date in numbers Hal expects the Month to be first, then the day, and optionally a year.

In order for Hal to write down an appointment he must understand the event. Hal is preprogrammed with many events such as: appointment, meeting, birthday, anniversary, and more. Hal knows that an appointment and meeting is a one time event and that after the event happens he should erase it from his calendar. But Hal also knows that a birthday and anniversary is an event that happens annually and he will never erase it from his calendar. Hal also knows that a meeting and appointment usually require a specific time of day and that a birthday and anniversary don't. For a birthday, Hal will remind you 2 weeks in advance. For an appointment he will only remind you 3 days in advance. If you want to teach Hal your own custom events you need to use Hal's user-defined events.

When the time or date of the event approaches Hal will remind you of it automatically by popping up when he feels a reminder is necessary. When and how often Hal reminds you of an event depends on how Hal was set to remind you for an event. You can set event reminders in Hal's user-defined events.

If you want to delete or edit an appointment, you can go into a calendar and edit the appointments manually. Either ask Hal to edit appointments, or right click on Hal and click "Edit Hal's Appointment Book" You can read the topic Editing appointments manually for more information.