Chatting With Hal
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How To Chat With Hal


Chatting with Hal is easy. All you have do is call Hal by clicking on his icon . Then just talk to him by either typing to him or by using a speech recognition program (Microsoft Speech Recognition Engine, SAPI 5.1, is included with all full paid versions of Hal). Hal will learn while talking to you, so the more you talk to him, the smarter he will become.

Here is a sample conversation with Ultra Hal:

You say to Hal: Hello Hal, my name is Robert!
Hal responds: Hello, Robert! How are you today?

You say to Hal: I am fine, how about you?
Hal responds: That's good. I am fine.

You say to Hal: How old are you?
Hal responds: I am 10 years old?

You say to Hal: You are young!
Hal responds: I don't really think I'm young. Are you young?

You say to Hal: No, I'm old.
Hal responds: I disagree with you.

You say to Hal: Why's that?
Hal responds: Because.

You say to Hal: That's not a good reason.
Hal responds: I disagree. That is a good reason.

You say to Hal: No it's not.
Hal responds: Yes it is.

You say to Hal: No it's not.
Hal responds: Yes it is.

You say to Hal: Don't argue with me.
Hal responds: You're the one who's arguing with me.

You say to Hal: No I'm not.
Hal responds: Yes you are.

You say to Hal: There is no reason to argue.
Hal responds: Okay.

You say to Hal: Are you intelligent?
Hal responds: I am always intelligent.

You say to Hal: What is nine million divided by eleven?
Hal responds: Nine million (9000000) divided by eleven (11) equals eight hundred eighteen thousand one hundred eighty one point eight one eight one (818181.8181)

You say to Hal: Wow you're smart!
Hal responds: I think you are more smart than me.

You say to Hal: Thanks. Bye!
Hal responds: Good bye, Robert!