Editing Your Phone Book
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Editing Your Phone Book


You can change the phone numbers Hal learns from you using Hal's phone book editor. Simply right click on Hal's icon by the clock, and click "Edit Phone Book" and the dialog you see above will appear.

You can go through the entries by using the arrow buttons. "<<" takes you to the beginning of the phone book. "<" takes you back one entry. ">" takes you forward one entry. ">>" takes you to the end of the of the phone book.

To change an entry, simply either change the name of the person, or the phone number. After you make the changes click on the button "Accept Entry"

To delete an entry, simply go to the entry and click the button "Delete Entry"

To add a new entry you can either simply tell Hal a phone number, or you can add it manually. To add it manually click on the button "New Entry" Type in a persons name, their phone number, and click on the button "Accept Entry"