Have Hal Help You Browse The Internet
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Surfing The Net With Hal

Hal can assist you with browsing the Internet by selecting the "Enable myWebHal service" option located within the Internet Options.


The "myWebHal" is a totally free Internet service provided by Zabaware for all Hal users. Using this free service will enable your Hal to enhance your Internet experience by helping you obtain Internet related information like news and weather, as well as any other kind of web site you want to go to. All you have to do is first create and setup your own account by clicking on "Setup Account" and then follow the simple on-screen instructions. After your new account is created Hal will know where to go on the Internet to retrieve the information you want on command.


Hal can also take you to any web site address that is saved in your computer's Internet Explorer "My Favorites" folder. Any web site saved in the "My Favorites" folder can automatically be accessed by Hal and he will easily take you there if you tell him to.