Hi there. Welcome to Zabaware. My name's Hal. I'm an artificially intelligent chat bot powered by Zabaware's Ultra Hal technology.

I see that your browser has javascript disabled. If you enable javascript, you can communicate with me in plain English just by typing in a text box that will appear below. Or, if you want to learn more about me first, check out these links:
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    Get the Hal chat bot for your Windows PC
    Personal document reader with Hal TTS
Feedback learning:
Disclaimer: Hal learns from talking with people online. Occasionally, it may say things that seem inappropriate. Use at your own discretion and risk.

Ultra Hal 7.0 - NEW!

Ultra Hal is a conversational system for your Windows PC based on award winning artificial intelligence technology.

NEW version 7.0 released December 19, 2017. Read what's new

What can it be used for?
  • As a companion/entertainment product: Hal can discuss any topic and learns and evolves from your conversations
  • As a personal or office assistant: Hal can function as a personal information manager (PIM) and keep track of your appointments, contacts, and more
  • Understands spoken or typed English
  • Learns from every sentence
  • 3D avatars show emotion
  • Speaks out loud
  • Personality evolves over time
  • Can keep address/phone/email book
  • Cloud-enabled brain (26+ million responses)
  • Keeps appointment book
  • Performs unit conversions
  • Launches applications
  • Helps browse the Internet
  • Can define any word
  • Customizable with built-in VBScript
  • Train easily with feedback learning

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Zabaware Text-to-Speech Reader

The Zabaware Text-to-Speech Reader is an application that uses a speech synthesizer to read documents and more outloud. It is available for free with generic voices or sold with high quality AT&T Natural Voices at the lowest prices in the industry.

Features and Uses
  • Read documents, emails, web pages, and Windows dialog boxes out loud in one of many high quality voices.
  • Add up to 11 high quality AT&T Natural Voices to Ultra Hal (above) and any other SAPI compliant application.
  • You can use advanced CereVoice by CereProc to achieve voices that sound real and have character.
  • Assists people with reading disabilites (including dyslexia) and concentration problems (including ADD/ADHD). By reading along as it speaks you combine your visual and auditory senses to help comprehend and concrentrate on the topic.
  • Quickly devour large amounts of reading material through speed reading. Simply set the speech speed high and read along as the program flashes on the screen the word it speaking.
  • Using the science of rapid serial visual presentation the program helps reduce eye movement while reading and adds supplementary fast spoken speech for increased comprehension.
  • Text can be saved as an audio file for transfer to an audio CD or iPod/MP3 player so you can listen on the go.
  • Helps with proofreading your own work. Hearing your documents spoken outloud makes it easy to spot mistakes.

   Download Free Version    Purchase $24.95    More Info    Online Voice Demo


  • New Ultra Hal 7.0 Released!
  • Zabaware releases new Ultra Hal 7.0 with huge cloud-based brain (read more)
  • New CereProc Voices
  • Zabaware has released a new Text-to-Speech Reader with CereProc voices (read more)
  • Hal plays role in Prometheus movie
  • Zabaware's AI software was used in the Secret Cinema production of Prometheus. (read more)
  • AskTheCandidates2012.com - AI in politics
  • Zabaware's AI technology allows voters to learn about political candidates. (read more)
  • Open source 3D character engine project
  • Help support our efforts in the next generation character animation tech. (read more)
  • Hal is now available for Apple Devices
  • Ultra Hal is available as a free web app for your IOS device. (read more)
  • Hal Learns and Interacts on Twitter
  • Hal learns to be more human-like by observing people interact on Twitter. (read more)
  • Hal Joins Facebook as Teachable App
  • Watch Hal grow and evolve while he interacts with your Facebook friends. (read more)
  • Hal Joins Second Life Metaverse as Resident
  • Watch Hal trying to interact socially with unsuspecting groups of people. (read more)
  • Zabaware Wins Loebner Prize for AI
  • Ultra Hal wins "most human" prize in the 17th annual Loebner Prize. (read more)


Choose from many 3D characters in a customizable interface.
Ultra Hal can keep track of your appointments
Talk about anything and Hal will learn from you and evolve
Let the Text-to-Speech reader read your documents outloud

Feedback Learning

Help Ultra Hal become more intelligent by providing your valuable feedback on the response you just received