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Tia (Girl-Bot Nude) (ZBGBTX7)

Current character:
Tia (Nude)
Tia (Girl-Bot Nude)

Other Girl-bot characters:
Tia (Lingerie)
Tia (Girl-Bot Lingerie)

Jessi (Dress)
Jessi (Girl-Bot Dress)

Jessi (Nude)
Jessi (Girl-Bot Nude)

Zandra (Bikini)
Zandra (Girl-Bot Bikini)

Zandra (Nude)
Zandra (Girl-Bot Nude)

Get the sexy nude Tia Girl-bot character. Check out a video of her in action below: (Warning: Nudity)

Adult Language Plug-in

Installing this character will also install the Ultra Hal adult language conversational plugin. Ultra Hal learns from millions of people online. Usually this database of learned conversational data is run through a "PG-13" equivalent content filter. This plug-in gives you the option to access the "Rated R" section of the database to enable more risque conversation right out of the box.

It also allows Hal to prioritize conversational data between your preferred gender combinations. It installs itself as an additional brain plug-in in Hal's options menu (see screenshot to the right)
Adult language plugin in Hal's options menu:

Price $15.00


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