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Acoustic Magic Voice Tracker Microphone (AMVTM)

Acoustic Magic Voice Tracker Microphone The Acoustic Magic Voice Tracker microphone is a desktop microphone array suitable for speech recognition. Traditional desktop microphones do not work well with speech recognition as they pick up a lot of background noise such as the computer's cooling fans. The Voice Tracker is different because it has an array of 8 microphones that electronically steer a "listening beam" (like an acoustic searchlight) in the direction of the person speaking.

The microphone is approved by Nuance for use with Dragon NaturallySpeaking and by IBM for ViaVoice and works great with Ultra Hal Assistant. For more details on this microphone please check out the PDF Voice Tracker Array Brochure (255Kb).

Voice Tracker Specifications
  • Analog Output: (6ft male/male audio cable included)
    Mic level
    3.5mm ministereo jack
    Same signal on tip & ring
    500 ohm output impedance
  • Frequency Response:
    100Hz to 11,250 Hz
  • Physical Dimensions:
    Length: 18"
    Height: 2.5"
    Weight: 2.5lbs
  • Power Equipment: (wall-powered converter included)
    6V DC
    400 ma
    Center Pin Positive
Voice Tracker Features
  • Automatic electronic steering of "listening beam" to talker location
  • Selectable steering limits (90 degrees and 180 degrees) for speech recognition and teleconferencing modes
  • Selectable LDS to reduce annoying interference of additional talkers during speech recognition or feedback during teleconferencing
  • Two stage noise reduction (spatial filtering and noise reduction processing)
  • 8 element, 18 inch long array for maximum range
  • 5 element "in range" light to indicate location of chosen talker and sufficiency of signal
  • Microphone tilt capability to facilitate desktop, monitor top, ceiling, or wall mounting
  • Weight: 2 pounds
  • Power: converter from 120V AC to 6V DC included
  • Compatible with a variety of operating systems including:
    • Apple/Macintosh
      • Mac OS
      • Mac OS X
    • Microsoft
      • Windows 2000
      • Windows ME
      • Windows XP
      • Windows Vista
      • Windows 7
      • Windows 8

Price $249.95

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