ZBPCD1 Zabaware Product CD


This CD-ROM contains all software Zabaware sells, including:

This CD-ROM is for you if:

  • You already purchased download-only versions of Zabaware software but now wish a CD-ROM backup.
  • You are unable to download Zabaware software because of a slow internet connection and did not purchase a CD-ROM during checkout.
  • You have trouble installing software downloaded from the Internet and would prefer an easy to use CD-ROM that begins installation automatically simply by inserting the CD-ROM.
  • You would like to demo other Zabaware software you have not purchased yet.
  • An update has been released by Zabaware and you wish a CD-ROM instead of a download.

Please note that purchasing this CD-ROM only gives you a backup and installation for Zabaware products. It will NOT give you the full version to these applications unless you have purchased a serial number seperately. If you have not purchased a serial number for the application(s) you wish to use, these applications will only be available to use as either a 30-day trial or a feature limited demo.

Price: $4.00

Sold by Zabaware
3175 West 42nd St. Erie
Phone: (814) 835-2351
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