ZBUHTTS10 Ultra Hal Text-to-Speech Reader with AT&T Natural Voices

Ultra_Hal_Text-to-Speech_Reader_with_AT T_Natural_Voices

Zabaware now offers Ultra Hal Text-to-Speech Reader with AT&T Natural Voices™.  AT&T Natural Voices™ is the leading software solution for generating extremely natural-sounding voices.  Eleven high quality English speaking voices are available to choose from. They are extremely natural sounding 16khz US English voices. They are almost indistinguishable from a real human speaker. Check it out for yourself:


  Voice Name Nationality Sample
  Mike US English MP3   WAV
  Crystal US English MP3   WAV
  Claire US English MP3   WAV
  Julia US English MP3   WAV
  Lauren US English MP3   WAV
  Mel US English MP3   WAV
  Ray US English MP3   WAV
  Rich US English MP3   WAV
  Audrey British English MP3   WAV
  Charles British English MP3   WAV
  Anjali Indian English MP3   WAV
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Voices are available for only $24.95 each. We are also having a special on our 2 most popular voices, Mike & Crystal. Get both voices bundled together for only $29.95, saving $19.95. All AT&T voices included will work with any SAPI 5 compliant application including Zabawares Ultra Hal Assistant 6.1, the included Ultra Hal Text-to-Speech Reader, TTS functions built into Windows, and many TTS programs from other companies.

The software requires about 600mb of disk space per voice. It requires at least a 600mhz computer with 128mb RAM. Due to the size of the software, the product is currently only available on CDROM by postal mail.

Price: $24.95

Sold by Zabaware
3175 West 42nd St. Erie
Phone: (814) 835-2351
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