IVV106R IBM ViaVoice 10.6 for Ultra Hal Assistant


IBM ViaVoice 10.6 for Ultra Hal Assistant adds high quality speech recognition capability to Hal. You can speak to Hal out loud with a microphone instead of typing. IBM ViaVoice has a 160,000 word vocabulary that can be customized to add new words, addresses, acronyms, and other personal phrases and expressions.

With a high quality speech recognition microphone (sold seperately) such as an Acoustic Magic Voice Tracker or a generic headset microphone IBM Viavoice can acheive 99% recognition accuracy. Ultra Hal Assistant natively supports the SMAPI interface of IBM ViaVoice 10.6. Version 10.6 of IBM ViaVoice is fully Windows Vista and XP compatible.

Please note this product is a plug-in for Ultra Hal Assistant only, it does not include features of the commercially available IBM ViaVoice such as SpeakPad and Microsoft Word integration. However, Ultra Hal Asssitant contains a "Hal Pad" subapplication that you can use to dictate documents to.

This product is available as a CD-ROM only, electronic delivery is not currently available.

Price: $39.95

Sold by Zabaware
3175 West 42nd St. Erie
Phone: (814) 835-2351
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